Mumbai: A woman. What exactly does this five letter word stand for apart from being a female human; that is, of the species Homo sapiens as defined by many dictionaries.

A woman is born into this world to become a nurturer. But what exactly is the role of a woman apart from being a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend… What more is she than that. Frankly speaking, the role of a woman is quite under-rated in our society. We often voice our views and opinions on the very sensitive topic of feminism. But in reality, very few of us mean what we really think, or for that matter, say.

A woman can be many things as aforesaid. But in her real sense, she is a fighter. A fighter brave enough to take on the responsibilities of the many roles assigned to her without any inhibitions. A fighter brave enough to accept that she is not perfect but strives for that perfection every day, every hour just to win accolades of those who matter to her. A fighter brave enough to bear the pain for those whom she cultivates in her womb for nine exact months and brings to this world with immense joy. A fighter brave enough to fight the society and the world to break the norms and restriction laid down on them as the weaker sex in our society.

Emotional, Soft, Practical, Spiritual, Fierce, Strong, Powerful – these are the many characteristics of a woman.

In her true essence, a woman is a gift to the world. Let’s treasure this gift and take this world to a higher pedestal.

Mumbai Cutting is proud of such powerful & strong women and hence, we will be covering wonderful and inspiring stories of such women from our own city – Mumbai every week. Stay tuned to Mumbai Cutting to know more.

While we may think women have been in the backseat forever, there are many reason for us to look back and feel proud. Some of the most notable personalities starting from Indira Gandhi to Sarojini Naidu, from Kalpana Chawla to Pratibha Patil, from Medha Patkar to our very own gorgeous Priyanka Chopra- we have more women to proud of than ever thought of.

And with progressive India, more and more women are breaking the glass ceiling barriers. And let’s not forget one thing- we are one of them. If they can do it,, so can we!!

Happy Women’s Day India!