Mumbai: Two training pilots from the National Insitute of Aviation and Management died due to a helicopter crash near Wainganga river at Mahalgao-Deori in Gondia district of Maharashtra. The incident happened after the helicopter got hit by the electric wires.


According to the reports, the incident took place today in the morning at around 10. 00 am when the two pilots  Senior trainer Rajan Gupta and student Shivani  flew by the DA42 helicopter.  Just after an hour, the helicopter blades was hit by the electric wires and crashed into the sand near Devari river. The duo piolet died on the spot. Both pilots were taking training from the National Flying Training Institute, Gondia.

The locals living nearby heard the noise and saw the helicopter crashed. They alerted the police who reached the spot and sent the body for post-mortem. The accident happened at Kirori Tehsil which is around 40 kms from Gondia.