Continuing its crack-down on illegal activities, Tukaram Mundhe, Chief of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has sent notices to three private hospitals of Navi Mumbai and terminated their registration because breaches in the pact.

Following three hospitals whose registration has been terminated are Sukhada Hospital of Belapur, Mauli Hospital of Airoli and Sidhivinayak Hospital of Nerul.

Speaking to Mumbai Cutting, Dr Ramesh Nikam, Medical Heath Officer of NMMC, said “Under the guidance of NMMC chief, we are carrying an impromptu inspection of all hospitals in Navi Mumbai, and sent notices to hospitals who have violated the rules of MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act. Hospital management was given ample opportunity to come clean and renew the registration, but it failed. As no one is above the law, it took its own course. Leading to which, we have terminated their registration”

Reaction to Notice

Dr. Shashiraj Shetty, Orthopedist, Sukhada Hospital, said “We respect the decision of NMMC chief; we have submitted all the documents to the concern person of NMMC. Earlier, we used get grace period, but this time we were not aware of it. We came to know about, when we received a notice”

Dr. Alka Shelke, Mauli Hospital, said “I have challenged the decision of NMMC chief, who have sent a notice even though we have submitted all the documents before the given time. Our lawyer has filed appeal to put the stay on the decision of Tukaram Munde”


However, when tried contacting Dr Patil, Siddhivinayak Hospital of Nerul, was not available for answer any of our calls.

The hospital is required to respond to the show cause notice within two weeks. NMMC has also asked as to why should the hospital not hand over the possession of the premises.