TADA (The special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities) Prevention Act court will announce sentence to all convicts of 1993 Mumbai Blast, on 7th September.

The special court on 10th August concluded hearing and the punishment to be awarded to five persons including Abu Salem in the case.

Judge G A Sanap convicted Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa, Karimullah Khan, Firoz Abdul Rashid Khan, Riyaz Siddiqui and Tahir Merchant for their roles in the blasts conspiracy on June 16, 2017.

Another accused, Abdul Kayuum, was innocent and released.

“The court is likely to fix the date for pronouncement of sentence on August 22,” special prosecutor Deepak Salvi said.

During the arguments on sentences, the prosecution demanded death for Dossa, Karimullah Khan, Firoz Khan and Tahir Merchant, and life sentence for Siddiqui. Dossa, one of the masterminds of the conspiracy died of cardiac arrest on June 28.

Apart from Dossa, absconding accused Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and others were actively party to the planning.

The serial blasts in Mumbai on 12th March, 1993, resulted in 257 people dead, 713 seriously injured and destroyed property worth Rs 27 crore.