Social Activist, Politician and Fashion Designer, Ms. Shaina NC under the aegis of her NGOs, Giants International and I Love Mumbai, held a detailed deliberation with the media
and other experts in Mumbai to develop a Maharashtra specific strategy focusing on curbing the growing demand of children for commercial sexual exploitation in the state, by stressing on the need for strict laws to punish ‘customers’ who pay to sexually exploit children. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, has now become more clandestine in
Maharashtra where the ‘business’ has now moved into residential areas, orphanages, beer bars, hotels and lodges. These people who buy sex from children are not arrested because the investigation focus is always on brothel managers and not on customers. Thus, the men who sexually violate children are shown as witness, rather than perpetrators, offering them an easy escape allowing this dastardly act to perpetuate.

The need for such a focus on the issue was brought about by the impunity with which these predators, referred to as ‘customers’,get away with minimal punishment even though they are the ones committing the exploitation. There is also a growing worry that Ms. Shaina NC has launched a petition on which received over 110,000
signatures in the last 8 days. Using these appeals coming in from across the country, she will call on the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sh. Devendra Fadnavis, with recommended actionable measures, to rapidly curtail this heinous crime. To this effect, Ms. Shaina NC stated, “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children is a demand driven business that exploits kids, teenagers, mostly young girls, and an unholy nexus of “clients” and the enablers, handlers, traffickers, conspirators, financiers, pimps and others.It is disheartening that the real perpetrators are called “customers” of such heinous sexual exploitation.

Speaking on what needs to be done to curb this menace, one of the suggestions, Ms. Shaina said, “Creation of an Anti-Child Predator Squad with Anti Human Trafficking Units in
hotspots with a special coordination cell at district headquarters are some initiatives that can be taken up at the institutional level. We need to ensure that the Anti-Child Predator Squad is sufficiently staffed and equipped with technology and resources to proactively identify these men seeking paid sexual engagement despite being aware about the minor-age of the child being on offering.”