In this tech-real world we live, there are some ground rules to it. Always ignore negativity at all costs, keep really off from the memes and trolls made in your name and block Kamal R Khan from whatever way possible to keep your sanity intact.

If you do not know who Kamal K Khan is, then you definitely are in a happy place in life, and for the introduction, this is a self-proclaimed critic who thrives on ranting and bullying people on the internet. This time he tried to do his usual, opening his mouth where it’s not needed and said some really mean things about poster boys.

Poster Boys is definitely a very special movie for Shreyas Talpade as he is the producer of the Marathi which was a box office hit. The comic timing of that movie was liked by many and that’s when he decided to remake it into a Hindi movie starring Sunny and Bobby Deol in it. For the third character, he decided to play himself.

The movie has been doing great and Shreyas was in a very joyous mood celebrating the success of the movie.

That’s when he saw what KRK had to say about his film and Shreyas decided to not let go and used the choicest of words to show him his place, “Aukaat mein reh chu**#. Kabhi haath lagaa toh itni zor se patkungaa ki tappa khake chatt se lagega. Jai Maharashtra”.

Shreyas, we know the internet is a very dark place and can get really annoying, but we are sure the movie is great and you should just normally let of these sort of people but something they really ask for it!