Mumbai: It must be noted that the law does not permit abortion older than 20 weeks. But in a welcome move, Supreme Court on Monday allowed 22-year-old Mumbai woman to abort her 6 month old abnormal foetus after the medical report was found foetus is without skull.

According to the media reports, the woman learnt about the deformed foetus in December last year. Her request for an abortion on December 20 was denied by doctors in Mumbai on the grounds that her pregnancy had crossed 20 weeks (6 months).

The decision came in response  when the woman approached the apex court after which a  petition filed by Kolkata woman seeking permission to terminate her pregnancy. On January 11, the apex court ordered KEM hospital to examine the woman who advocate said the woman should be allowed to abort her abnormal foetus because it pose threat to her life.

“We consider it appropriate and in the interest of justice, particularly the right of the petitioner to perserve her life by permitting her to undergo the termination of preganancy under the Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Act,” the bench said.

Asserting that the woman had the right to protect her life, the apex court asserted that the court was allowing her to terminate the pregnancy after a complete diagnosis from a team seven doctors.