Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has landed into another problem. The women’s wing of Republican Party of India (A) on Monday demanded the ban on an advertisement (TV commercials) featuring  Bollywood actress Sunny Leone for promoting a condom brand. The women’s wing have received several complaints and finds the ad obscene.

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Sheela Gangurde, national secretary of RPI’s women’s wing said, the advertising campaign objectifying the feminine gender, was proving embarrassing to women. A different message is conveyed on account of this. This is a very ugly scene – a daughter, mother, sister cannot watch the TV or news channel with family members. We have received complaints about this from many women. We, hereby, kindly request you to remove these ads immediately”.

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She also claimed the actress encourages men to use condoms in a very wholesome manner in advertising. Gangurde says that India is progressive, but that does not mean that pornographic ads are shown and family members see it.

The party has given the government a week’s time to stop the advertisement of Sunny Leone, and warned against agitation if not doing so. If the government didn’t act, RPI will approach the State Women’s Commission and will hold protest.