They say money can make or break lives. In this case, it claimed the life of Nilesh Ashok Gaikwad,32, Chief accountant of Kalyani TechnoForge Limited, Pune.

At the spot of death, he left behind a 10-page suicide note, which claimed he had borrowed money for Amit Kalyani and was forced to end his life after latter defaulted on payments.

c5_1thNilesh Gaikwad (L) and Amit Kalyani


Nilesh consumed poison and ended his life in a hotel in Chakan on August 18. In the suicide note, he blames Amit Kalyani, who is one of the directors of the Kalyani Group, for his death.

According to the note, he had borrowed money for Kalyani and because the latter did not pay on time, he was forced to end his life.

Gaikwad’s suicide note states that he had been working as chief accountant at Kalyani TechnoForge in Mundhwa for the last five years. He had apparently borrowed Rs 15 crore for Amit Kalyani. The note stated that Kalyani had repaid Rs 11.40 cr and Rs 4.10 crore was still pending. There is no mention of how and from whom did Gaikwad borrow money.

The suicide notes also stated that Gaikwad was facing immense pressure from those whom he had borrowed the money from. He asked Kalyani to return the money, but in vain. Cops after investigating the matter told that Kalyani had asked him for time till December, but Gaikwad had requested that he pay off at least Rs 1.45 crore which was the bare minimum that was needed to get the creditors off his back for a while.

Furthermore, Kalyani had stopped taking Gaikwad’s calls for the past fortnight. Unable to deal with the stress, as it got way out of his hands to handle, Nilesh Gaikwad decided to end his life. He booked a room at Hotel Gandharv in Chakan on August 18 at 6 pm in the evening.

His family, which comprises of his wife and two children, had no clue about his whereabouts. They approached the Kondhwa police on the same day and lodged a missing FIR.

For the next two days, his family, including his brothers, kept looking for him but to no avail. Calls to his cellphone also went unanswered.

On 20th the hotel staff grew suspicious as Gaikwad had not left his from for days. Moreover, there was foul stench from the room which caught their attention and further raised an alarm.

They broke open the lock of the room, only to find him dead. Gaikwad had allegedly consumed poison to end his life.

Nilesh Gaikwad’s brother, Manoj, said, “We had no idea that Nilesh was under so much pressure. He had not mentioned anything of this to us and we are barely dealing with the situation at the moment. The situation at home is terrible.”

Gaikwad was looking after his family consisting of parents, wife and two children, all of whom have a mention in his suicide note, that was found in the hotel room.