Mumbai: Two men including senior citizen were injured on Tuesday night when the portion of Skywalk collapsed in Dahisar west. 65-year-old Senior citizen is said to seriously injured was immediately rushed to Silverline hospital for the treatment.


According to the civic officials, the incident took place at around 8.40 pm, when the portion of the skywalk opposite to Dahisar Railway Station collapsed. The sources said the two men were walking on skywalk fell after the pathway caved in, where one man had minor injuries while senior citizen was seriously injured.  Some part of debris also fell on the road, no other casualties reported.

The people who were nearby skywalk noticed them both, alerted the police. They immediately called the ambulance took them both to the hospital.  A Sunil Kulkarni 65-year-old senior citizen was seriously injured is been treated in the hospital while the other man had minor injury got discharge soon.


The 850-metre skywalk was built by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and thrown open for public in 2011. The skywalk is especially crowded during peak hours as it the only bridge connecting to the railway station.

Speaking with Mumbai Cutting, Dahisar police official said, ‘we ahve not registered the case as the investigation is going on. Statement from the concerned authorities will be taken and accordingly action will be taken.’