PM Narendra Modi is not leaving any stones unturned in an attempt to realise the long-standing dream of Developed India by 2022. This time around, Narendra Modi raised the bar a notch higher by addressing district collectors across India via video-conference on 9th August. The theme that was addressed is “New India – Manthan”.

This conference was first of its kind interaction with district collectors pan India, which also marked the platinum jubilee of the Quit India Movement. The theme is also targeted to generate positive outcome at the grassroots level.

PM further explained that the date of 9th August, is essentially linked with the mantra of “Sankalp se Siddhi” – “Achievement through Resolve.” He said the date symbolizes the willpower and ambition of the youth.


He also recalled how the senior front-runners were arrested during the freedom movement at the beginning of the Quit India Movement, and the youth across the country successfully carried the movement forward.

Modi also stressed on the belief that when the youth of the country assume leadership, goals will be achieved definitely. Additionally, he described the collectors, as not just representatives of their districts, but also of the youth of that region.

According to Modi, collectors are fortunate, because they have been given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to the nation.

PM Modi said that the Government urges each individual, family and organisation to aim for specific goals and make efforts to accomplish them by 2022. He said, collectors are representatives of their districts, and in that capacity they have to decide where they would want to see their districts in 2022. In order to realise that, they will have to chalk out what deficiencies must be overcome and what services can be provided as well as its smooth functioning can be ensured.


He noted that some districts invariably have always lagged behind in ensuring basic necessities of life such as electricity, water, education and health. When the socio-economic conditions of 100 most backward districts improve, it would give a big boost to the overall development parameters of the country by leaps and bounds. The onus lies on the collectors of these districts to work in the direction of achieving a mission.

He encouraged replicating the methods and practises through which various other districts have scaled up the ladder of development.

The collectors have been asked to seek assistance from colleagues, intellectuals of the district, and students of schools and colleges, to prepare a vision document, or resolution document for their district before the 15th of August.

This Resolution Document, should include those 10 or 15 objectives which they feel should be achieved by 2022.

PM Modi informed the collectors of the website, which contains information and activities about ‘Sankalp Se Sidhhi’ movement. PM Modi further expressed that just as he is doing this ‘Manthan’ with the collectors, they are expected to do the same in district levels.


He further explained about the important features about the New India website, which include online quiz on the freedom struggle and a comprehensive calendar on various events being held as a part of the “Sankalp Se Sidhi” movement.

He went on to compare the development related initiatives in a district to a relay race. Just as the baton is passed on from one athlete to the next in a relay race, with the ultimate objective of winning the race, similarly, the development baton passes on successively from one collector to the next.

He also brought out that, many a times schemes that have been launched in the past fail to have the desired impact and outcome. It mainly happens when people are unaware of such developments. Collectors must take the initiative to make people aware about the benefits and importance of initiatives such as LED bulbs, BHIM App, monetary schemes etc.

Similarly, the Prime Minister said that the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is dependent upon a deliberate and responsive administration and awareness among people. He said real change in this regard can only come through public participation and nationwide awareness.

He also advised the collectors to move and think beyond files and papers and experience the ground realities. The Prime Minister urged the collectors to explain the concept of GST coined as “Good and Simple Tax” to the traders in their districts and the advantages it would accrue. He strongly recommended that each and every trader be registered under GST and enjoy the benefits of Government E-Marketplace(GEM) through varied procurements. Mr Modi also reiterated Mahatma Gandhi’s message that ultimate goal of governance should be to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor. He wanted the collectors to introspect daily and address the grievances and needs of the poor.

While concluding, the Prime Minister expected that the young and competent district collectors should make resolutions with confidence of achieving it in their districts to pave way for a brighter New India 2022