New Delhi: Cricket legend and Unicef ambassador Sachin Tendulkar today said parents in India must treat a girl child at par with the boys.

“It is all about bonding with your children, loving them, hugging them. The first 1000 days (in raising a child) are very crucial in that regard. It is our responsibility to treat both (boys and girls) equally and look after them,” said Tendulkar on the occasion of World Children’s Day.

At the event, Tendulkar also played cricket with a group of specially abled children.

The master blaster conceded that the current generation is much smarter than children of his time.

“Today’s generation is confident. I interact with so many children and have to say that they are a lot smarter than the time when I was a kid.”

He feels technology is making the current generation a smarter lot.

“Thanks to technology, you can find out in no time about what is happening in any part of the world. You see actually a three-year-old kid sitting in front of the computer comfortably, he knows exactly what to do. He knows how to use a mobile phone whether it is calling or texting.

“To add to that, all these fancy gadgets are there today and it gives them new perspective,” said Tendulkar.