Mumbai: An Oil tanker over turn in Jogeshwari on Western Express Highway brought traffic to a stanstill on Thursday at around 1.00 am. After the accident the driver was safely removed, had minor injuries.

According to the sources, the incident happened when a speeding bike was overtaking the truck, the driver lost the control and hit the divider in Jogeshwari of Western Express Highway, leading to oil spills on the road. Traffic police inform to control room about the accident. The divers had minor inuries and was rushed to the nearby hospital for the treatment. No other passengers is said to be injured into the accident.


The fire brigade team was called, following to which the team reached with fire engines and water tankers. The oil tanker over turn due to which oil spills on the road which brought the traffic standstill.

It took 2 hours for fire brigade team to clear the oil spills on the road with the help of water tankers.

Police are invesigating whether the driver was at fault or not, accordingly the action will be taken.