New Delhi: To take the idea of gau raksha forward, the Government Of India has now initiated a drive to tag a device with an Aadhaar-like 12 digit unique identification number to all the cows and buffaloes in the nation.

The Centre has made this proposal to the Supreme Court, news agency ANI reported on Monday.

In its report to Supreme court, the Central government said, “Each cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking.”

The central government also recommended special care for cattle beyond age of milking, while stressing on launching of a scheme for distressed farmers.

In its report, the Centre also highlighted the issue of cow protection and smuggling of cattle across India-Bangladesh border.

The unusual drive was launched to keep a track of cattle so that they can be vaccinated on time and so that technological intervention can increase breeding and milk production.

The government is of the opinion that by 2022, this move will double the income of dairy farmers.  No other country, including Switzerland and Australia, which have vast cattle wealth, has such an animal identification system. The UID programme for animals was not discussed much in the public domain; so, few have a clear idea of the benefits that would accrue to the nation.

The Dalit community in the state has also demanded that every cow be now given an ‘Aadhar card’ and there should be fodder depot at all villages to ensure that the bovines don’t feed on plastic.

Surendranagar-based dalit rights activist Natu Parmar is preparing to host a mega sammelan on the theme of ‘Jiv Matra, Karuna Ne Patra (Living creatures need compassion) on May 10.

Reportedly, technicians have been trained to affix a polyurethane tag inside the ears of cows with a tag applicator. The tag is tamper-proof, can’t be pulled out by tugging and is believed to be long lasting.

Once the tag is fixed, the technician will update the number in an online database and also provide the cattle owner with an ‘animal health card’ comprising information such as the UID number, owner’s details, vaccination dates of the animals and so on.

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, the yellow coloured tag has two parts which have to be fixed with the help of a tool in the centre of the cow’s ear lobe. The tag, which comes for a meagre price of Rs 8, weighs just eight grams to cause minimum inconvenience to the animal.

The Centre has set aside Rs 148 crore for procuring the tags, tag applicators, tablets and health cards, officials said.

It has also fixed targets for individual states to be completed within 2017.

(With inputs from Business standards and Zee news)