Palghar: In a shocking incident a speeding train has killed atleast nine buffaloes in Virar of Palghar district on Tuesday afternoon at around 1.15 pm.  The animals were merely walking on the track when a speeding Bandra Superfast Express train hit them near Narangi Phata in Virar.

Nine Buffaloes killed after it got hit by train at Virar (3)

According to the locals, at the time of the incident no people or owner of the buffaloes were present. When the speeding train arrived near Virar station, many people tried tried to save them but it got too late as the train was in speed.

The incident has hit the train traffic for two hours as it was awaiting the clearance. Traffic was diverted to a single track. Normally when cattle hit the cattle guard, the animals usually get thrown away, but since buffaloes are heavy, they got entangled and the guard got damaged. It took time to remove the carcasses strewn all over the tracks after the mishap.

Nine Buffaloes killed after it got hit by train at Virar (4)

Speaking to Mumbai Cutting, R.Yadav, Senior Police Inspector of Virar RPF, said, “the case against the unknown owners of the buffaloes has been registered with the RPF, Virar for endangering rail safety as per policy. We had already warned people not to walk or cross track but the people still continue to do so and put their life in risk.”

The issue of animal deaths on railways first captivated media attention worldwide in May 2013 when a train killed three elephants in West Bengal, and again in November after a train crashed into a herd of 40 elephants elsewhere in eastern India, killing seven adults and two calves and injuring at least 10 others in one of worst such incidents on record. Media reported at the time that following the accident, the surviving members of the herd gathered and stood at the scene of the collision for a while, only to be scattered by forest guards and railroad workers later on.