After Mundhe’s back-to-back action of illegal slums in the city, the local organization has launch a protest against him demanding him to leave the city and go back to his home town.


Tukaram Mundhe, IAS, took over the post of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Chief in May 2016, and in less than five months he has stirred the sleeping satellite city back to life.

While 50% of the total population of Navi Mumbai is showing support to Mundhe’s decision and asking government to stop his transfer, there are a set of people apposing his moves. On Monday, an organization ‘Ghar Haq Sanghars Samiti’ decided to step on road and protested Mundhe moves of breaking down of illegal slum area under the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Commission.


The organization have come up with slogan saying Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe Chele Jao Ghar (Mudhe go back to your home) after Mundhe’s action on all the illegal construction. The organization has kept condition before the Municipal such as stop destruction of slums which are been present before 2015. They also asked to provide them houses under Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA). Also a part of local vendor supported the Morcha. “As per the protection of livelihood and regulation of street vending Act 2014, all the hawker have some right which they are not been made available. Thus we want that municipal commission should bring this law in act due to which several street vendor will be benefited”, said a protestor from the Morcha.

‘Government scheme of providing house to every people till 2022 should be extended till poor people so that they can get the benefit of the scheme apart from that poor people residing in slum should get proper right as other’ he added.

The Morcha had witnessed school students and resident from, Tata Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Anand Nagar etc.


People protest against Navi Mumbai Commissioner Chief Tukaram Mundhe

People protest against Navi Mumbai Commissioner Chief Tukaram Mundhe


Support Mudhe

Sensing the increasing political pressure to transfer Mundhe, the citizens have now come together to protest and petition for the continuing term of the one officer they believe can change their city. An online petition with over 6,000 signatures is currently open, with thousands more pouring in to encourage and support the honest work Mundhe has been doing.