Mumbai: Woman assault and abused in South Mumbai near Racecourse has shocked Mumbai has got twist in the story. The police say it is pre-planned idea of a woman with her boyfriend, who attacked self on Thursday night and claimed an unidentified man has assaulted and attacked her with sharp knife.

According to the police, Priyanka Hetpure (28) is a divorcee and has a five-year-old. She has been dating a boy who is said to be 22 year-old. The woman wanted to get marry with the boy, but the boy’s parents were against their relationship which irked her.

The woman made a plan with boyfriend and attacked self near Race Course gate number 1 in Mumbai. The woman got admitted in Nair Hospital in Mumbai Central after which hospital authorities informed to the police.

When police reached hospital to take woman’s statement, she told an unidentified man assaulted and attacked on her to which police has registered a case against unidentified man. When the police asked her to describe attacker she did not describe instead told she didn’t remember.

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When the police inquire who brought her to the hospital they got to know about her boyfriend. The police questioned her boyfriend who said, he found her near Race course, bleeding and rushed her to hospital.

The police got suspicious on the couple, when questioned repeatedly the boyfriend confessed and told police it was planned by them. The woman told police that she made plan and attacked self to gain sympathy of  boy’s parents of how much both love each other and care.

Police have recorded the statement of the both couple, and will registered the case against them.