Pune: Poor public toilets facilities for women in the city is a much-debated problem. A public charitable trust had filed a public interest litigation in 2011 against PMC contesting that the civic body has failed to provide adequate toilet facilities for women.

The petitioner had questioned the dismal condition of the women’s toilets. The move aims at increasing the safety in Public toilets for womens. The Pune Municipal Corporation has launched Mobile toilets bus for the women with a panic button. The toilet bus will be soon in the city. Apart from western-style bathroom fittings and water-saving taps, features like a panic button have been introduced in these toilets.

“These toilets will be different from the existing ones. They will be more user-friendly. After these facilities are introduced, the number of toilets in the city will increase and the problem of non-availability of toilets for women will be solved up to some extent,“ head of PMC’s solid waste management department Suresh Jagtap said.

The lack of proper space is a hurdle in building toilets. Portable toilets will solve the problem as they can be stationed in a small area.

PMC’s soild waste mangement department official said, Portable toilets are equipped with new technologies. There is panic button install inside the bus of which women will be safe. More than 1000 mobile toilet will be stationed in different areas in Pune.