The special CBI judge Jagdeep Singh was flown into Rohtak jail on Monday morning in a helicopter to pronounce the sentence Ram Rahim Singh and he sent the ‘godman’ in for good 10 years in prison for 15 years old rape charges.

Jagdeep Singh, who pronounced Singh guilty of rape charges, is known for his competence and toughness.

He walked in the courtroom on Friday in Panchkula, totally unfazed by the presence of over 2,00,000 Dera followers camped in the premise. The tense atmosphere, which could have turned against him before the trial didn’t give him any jitters.

In the legal fraternity, Jagdeep Singh is well known as a very competent, tough and upright judge with a no-nonsense attitude. He was designated as the CBI special judge last year and this being his second posting as a judicial officer.

He joined the Haryana judicial services in 2012 and was posted at Sonepat. The CBI court posting, which is generally given after a lot of checks by the high court administration, is his second posting.

He completed his law degree from Panjab University (PU) in around 2000. Prior to joining the judicial service, he was a Punjab and Haryana high court lawyer. A lawyer who has practiced with him earlier said, “Singh likes keeping a low profile and is a man of few words. But all those who know him vouch for his competence and integrity.

Jagdeep Singh hit the headlines in September 2016, when on his way from Hisar to Panchkula, he played a Good Samaritan and rushed four people, who were seriously injured in a road accident, to a hospital in Jind district.

As per reports, he first called up emergency to rush an ambulance, but when the operator told him, “Will the ambulance come flying?”, he stopped a private vehicle and himself took the injured to the hospital.

Jagdeep Singh, during the span of his career took up both civil and criminal cases between 2000 and 2012.

His counterparts praise him for being tough and moral upright. They say, “He was a bright student,” recalled a Haryana judicial officer, who has known him since his Panjab University days. “He is considered a very hardworking and upright officer,” he added.