Mumbai: A level III fire broke out in a Andheri at Hotel Samraj in Chakala on Friday night at around 10.55 pm. The fire was so huge that more than 40 people were trapped inside the hotel were rescued by the fire brigade officials.

andheri fire 1

According to the fire brigade officials, the incident took place in Samraj hotel a seven-floor hotel in Chakala.  The fire breaks out at around 10.55 pm when the people in hotel were having their dinner while some were waiting for their friends. The locals inform the Fire brigade team about the massive fire who then rushed  with eight fire engines and seven water tankers to the spot.

Andheri fire

As soon as the team reached the spot, within no time the team started its fighting operation to douse the fire. More than 40 people were rescued by the fire brigade team officials. After fighting with the fire, the fire was brought under control.

Speaking to Mumbai Cutting, Chief Fire Officer P Rangdale said, ‘we have rescued the people trapped at third and fifth floor. All people were safely rescued from the hotel. The cause of the fire is still unknown and are examining the exact cause of fire. No casualties have been reported.