After having earned the victory in the Vice-Presidential elections, M Venkaiah Naidu, has sworn in as the 13th Vice President

After securing an emphatic win in the Vice-presidential elections, M Venkaiah Naidu has been sworn in as the 13th Vice-President of India today.

His predecessor was Hamid Ansari, who held office for a decade. Naidu took the oath in the presence of newly elected President Ram Nath Kovind at an event organised at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

As the Vice President of the country, M Venkaiah Naidu will hold tye second highest constitutional office of India.


Here are the highlights to the swearing-in ceremony:

9.30 am: Naidu expressed hos displeasure on the disruptions during the parliamentary sessions on Thursday, he ensured that he would enforce rules to run the Rajya Sabha but also seek cooperayion from the members simultaneously.

9.35 am: He quoted, “We must be mature enough to conduct the proceedings of Parliament in a smooth and meaningful manner. The chair is not only presiding officer but also custodian of the House. He is duty-bound to run it in accordance with responsibilities cast on him under rules, procedures and conventions. It is for the Chair to enforce rules but also seek cooperation from members.”

9.40 am: Since Naidu is famous for his witty puns and one-liners, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley cracked a joke that in Naidu’s new role as Rajya Sabha chairman, it would be a “challenge for Naidu to speak less and let others speak.”

9.45 am: A day prior to Naidu assuming office,  he challenged his predecessor Hamid Ansari’s views on the minority status in India. in Ansari’s last interview, he was quoted saying that the Muslims of the country were feeling uneasy and insecure.  To which Naidu was quick enough to counter and said that India is the most tolerant country in the world. Naidu also alleged that some people were using minority issues to further their own political agenda.

10.00 am: At the Rashtrapati Bhavan, during the oath taking ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other significant dignitaries attended the event.

10.07 am: M Venkaiah Naidu sworn in as the 13th Vice-President of India. President Ram Nath Kovind had overseen the oath of office to him.

10.17 am: A day earlier to the ceremony, M Venkaiah Naidu met former president of India Pranab Mukherjee.

He tweeted, “Met Shri Pranab Mukherjee ji at his residence. I thank him for his warm best wishes for the future.”