Love is blind, but not for Hrithik Roshan. The actor has a very different opinion of the saying and it makes quite a lot of sense. In a recent interview with a leading portal, the actor when asked whether love was blind, replied that it wasn’t. “Love is not blind. Romance is. Romance is the most dangerous thing.


Romance is like an illusion. It shows you things and you hear things that don’t exist. So romance ke baad jo rehta hai that is love. So love is not blind,” said the 43 year old actor. Did you ever think of love from such an angle before? We certainly were in for a pleasant shock as we learnt his views on love. He totally makes sense as he states how we are totally blind in romance and once that fizzles out, whatever is left is love. His thoughts on love may be unconventional as opposed to the mass but he admits that he romanticises everything. Well, that’s perhaps something we all tend to do once in awhile. The actor will soon be seen in Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil that is being produced by father Rakesh Roshan.

For the first time, we’ll be seeing the actor romance Yami Gautam and of course, play a blind man. Ever since the plot of the film has become known to all, we’ve all been waiting to see the actor take on this tough role. Earlier when we got a chance to interact with him, he was all praises for the blind as he stated how they are very much capable and able.

He said, “My take-away from this character is inspiration. I have been inspired by all the blind friends that I have encountered. It’s a very important detail that I want people to know, whatever mindset they have about blind, it’s going to break. Because all the blind people I’ve interacted with, I’ve been blown. Everything you can think of is being done by a blind person.

It’s not a handicap anymore.” The role has inspired him quite a lot. The best part being he hasn’t cashed in on his efforts and prep work to promote the film but the content in itself. Roshan even admitted preparing for a role is a must for actors and he doesn’t want to be praised for the prep he has done. We can tell that he has put in a lot for the film which will be releasing on January 25, 2017.