The Sex reassignment process is long, elaborate one that is often difficult for the patients. But the doctors at Fortis SL Raheja Hospital in Mahim successfully conducted s sex reassignment procedure and transform 21-year-old woman into a young IT professional male giving new life and identity.

Over a period of several months, surgeons from SL Raheja worked to transform the young IT professional into a male. Dr Parag Telang, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Fortis’ SL Raheja Hospital, led a team of skilled surgeons to successfully transform the young female patient into a male.

The process began in January this year, when the young woman underwent a Mastectomy to remove both her breasts followed by another procedure which she underwent in Bangalore. As such many other procedure were taken place to make her male.

Speaking about the sex reassignment procedure, Dr. Parag Telang said, “The sex reassignment process is a long, elaborate one that is often difficult for patients. We were impressed with the resolve and courage showed by our young patient and it was heartening to see her receive much support and strength from her mother during this process