After Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) who opposed the screening of Karan Johar’s ADHM for casting Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, this time its Shiv Sena workers on Tuesday who burnt the movie poster of upcoming film Ishq Junoon outsideside Dadar Railway Station. The workers call the posters as Obscene and the hoarding are put near the school and Railway station which is not good for the school students and the women’s who travel daily by the road.


According to the sources, Bala Lokare, secretary of the Sena had received a complaint letters from several women complaining about the hoarding of the film which were put near the school and other places. The women complaint that the poster of the film is very obscene and the students who leave from the school will have bad impact after seeing such posters.


In the evening, around 30-40 Shiv-Sainiks reached Tilak Bridge in Dadar removed the posters and Burnt it. Workers also burnt several posters which were displayed nearby school which will have bad impression upon the minds of kids who will in turn ask their parents what the poster is all about. Sexual crimes are on a rise and such posters will only worsen things said, Lokare.


Sources also claimed a police complaint has been filed against movie posters and also demanded action against the hoarding owners and the directors at Juhu police station.

Ishq Junoon starring actors Divya Singh, Rajbeer Singh and Akshay Rangshahi. The3 movie slated to be released on November 11.