Mumbai: Describing the attitude of striking doctors as “adamant” and “insensitive”, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today warned of legal action and gave them an ultimatum to resume duties after his meet with their representatives later this afternoon.

Making a statement in the Legislative Assembly, Fadnavis said, “Enough is enough. If the doctors fail to resume work today, government will not sit quietly. We cannot leave the patients to die. I am making a final attempt to break the deadlock today by meeting the doctors’ representatives. If no solution is found and doctors don’t resume work, they should be prepared to face legal action.”

Fadnavis said he failed to understand the “insensitive” attitude of doctors of leaving patients to die.

Resident doctors in Maharashtra yet to resume work

“What is the difference between anti-social tendencies who beat up doctors and the doctors themselves who take oath to treat ill people. I am surprised at the adamant stand of the doctors despite assuring that the government fully supports their demand,” he said adding that the doctors have disregarded the directives of the High Court.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis urges doctors to call of stir

“People consider doctors to be like a God. They shouldn’t wait to be referred to as demons. What kind of politics is being done,” he asked.

Fadnavis said among their demands that have been accepted, include security audit of hospitals and access control to OPD, casualty and other wards.

Resume work immmediately or Resign and sit at home: HC to Doctors

The demand for armed security guards has also been accepted.

He also said that government has promised free legal and medical aid to doctors in case of an attack and they will be treated as government servants.