Facebook was down worldwide due to technical maintenance update on 26th Aug 2017. The social networking site is a major platform of social media worldwide.

In India, with the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi festival, people were unable to post live updates due to Facebook’s technical issue.

Facebook not just serves as a personal webpage; it also has professionals working day in and out. With a few minutes of inactivity, the users go in a fit of frenzy and restlessness.

The users range from all age groups including, school and college going students, professionals, homemakers.

With a huge range of ideas to offer, instant updates on who’s who and everything else, when the users don’t get their “daily dose of a little Facebook “, the edginess is bound to creep in.

Facebook has gone down for many users, with thousands reporting they cannot access the social media site and some encountered the website message that it was undergoing “required maintenance” as many attempted to log in.

Temporarily, some could access the site but were unable to load certain pages or send messages, while others had no problems. The technical issue seemed to be affecting Facebook’s desktop site as well as mobile application.

Instagram users too reported issues, as the picture-sharing app is owned by Facebook.

According to Down Detector, a website that tracks internet outages, reported a huge spike in users being unable to access Facebook and countries including likes of the Europe, the US, Brazil, Japan and Australia were unable to log on.