Haseena Parkar A.K.A. Aapa, The Lady Don of Mumbai and God Mother Of Nagpada – a name whether dead or alive will always have a place in the history of Bombay and crime department of Mumbai and the affected lives of Mumbaikars.

For those who might really live under a rock and do not know who Haseena Aapa was, let us shed some light on it. She was the sister of the international don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar A.K.A BHAI, Dawood Bhai, the reigning ruler of D-Company and currently one of the World’s 10 most wanted criminals and terrorist. And after he fled Mumbai with his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, Haseena suffered a lot allegedly.

Later Haseena’s husband was murdered by Arun Gawli’s gang, and some more of incidences she took to follow her brother’s footsteps taking over his business in Mumbai and rose to fame, being popularly known as Haseena: Queen of Mumbai.

Dawood’s gang retaliated by killing the gangsters who murdered his brother-in-law and Haseena shifted base to Gordon Hall Apartments in Nagpada. The very place from where her another sibling Iqbal Kaskar was recently arrested.

The mafia queen Haseena Parkar who once ruled the underbelly of crime in Mumbai now has got everyone curious as to know who she was and why does her story deserve a biopic. Her life, as she was known as ‘Aapa’, will be seen on screen on September 22. Mumbai’s Nagpada area still quivers with her name. That was her “criminal” stature.

The biopic “Haseena Parkar” will star Shraddha Kapoor as the protagonist, and let us tell you that the actress herself along with her team of the film had actually visited Haseena Parkar. Back then they met Haseena, her family and friends to know about her as a part of the making of the film.

As anyone would expect, from a young girl to a mother of four to the Godmother of Nagpada area across four decades is a story in itself. It would be surely interesting and filled with dark secrets of her life and the underworld which people would look forward to watch.

In a simultaneous series of events involving Dawood Ibrahim’s assets being seized in UK and Iqbal Kaskar’s extortion arrest have got everyone’s heads scratching. It seems all the three siblings have made it to the headlines together, albeit for different reasons.

Is it all that meets the eye, or not?

If sources are to be believed, the aforementioned events can either be true in their capacity or a high profile promotional gimmick boost might be underway for the film “Haseena Parkar”, that too just few days prior to its release.


The tinsel town has always had its’ under the table links with the underworld, which eventually gets reflected either in the plot of the stories on-screen or comes to limelight when an untoward incident occurs or be it with the money involved in the film business. Also, romantic connections between mafias and actors is quite a regular feature in Bollywood.

Another hint that leaves us high and dry is Pradeep Sharma of Anti Extortion Cell who caught hold of Iqbal Kaskar. Now we are quite well aware of Pradeep Sharma’s history of being suspended due to a fake encounter on November 11, 2006 in Versova, Western Suburb Of Mumbai. Now after a long suspension, he comes back to business and Kaskar becomes his first prey.

Iqbal Kaskar’s arrest also hints at the financing involved in the B-Town business, which resultantly shows ‘Haseena Parkar’ in the light of a promotional ploy.

Something that leaves us to wonder if the entire episode is a well-planned out strategy of promoting Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Haseena Parkar’ or did something actually conspire.

Sources also suggest that he might have as well funded the movie itself and the police are now investigating if any money from D-company has been put in upcoming Bollywood film, ‘Haseena Parkar’.

Commissioner of Police, Thane, Parambir Singh said, “The gang earlier used to finance movies with the money got through extortion. We will check if any similar investment was made recently.”

This leaves us pondering over a hovering question. Was the Iqbal Kaskar’s arrest a well-timed plot to promote late sibling’s biopic and to what extent is he really involved with the making of the movie.