It has been almost over two weeks since Ram Rahim is imprisoned in Rohtak jail, and off late he had been complaining of feeling uneasy and restless to a team of doctors who examined him at a Rohtak jail on Saturday, apart from diabetes.

Jail authorities called a team of doctors including a psychiatrist to conduct a detailed health check-up. It has been learnt that the rapist baba is not keeping well since he left Dera and he also told the doctors that his problems are a type of withdrawal symptoms. “The baba is in fact a sex addict. He has no access to the physical pleasures in the jail which is the basis of his restlessness. He can be treated, but if delayed, it can lead to a bigger problem,” says a doctor, who was part of the team.

However, it remains unclear if Gurmeet Ram Rahim could be addicted to drugs as well. Photographs doing rounds on social media suggest that the Dera chief consumed liquor until 1988. “He may not be drinking liquor now, but he regularly consumed energy drinks and sex tonics that were specially imported by him from Australia and other countries,” claims Gurdas Singh Toor, a former Dera member.

During the search ops at the Dera premise, investigators found unlabelled medicines, heart shaped pillows and some drugs too, which indicate towards multiple possibilities of addiction.

It is also noted that in an attempt to save himself from punishments, Ram Rahim once mentioned the special CBI court that he was impotent and was physically incapable of performing sex.

In the year 1990 when he took over as the Dera chief, he announced that he had renounced his family and had nothing to do with the life or desires of an ordinary man.

Surprisingly, when an anonymous letter written by one of his rape victims surfaced, he started telling people that the girls were under pressure to make false statements and that his opponents had bribed the victims.

Gurdas Singh Toor, who appeared as a witness for the CBI also mentioned, “He is a liar as he was never impotent. His son was a few months old when he became a Dera chief in 1990. He is accused of raping his disciples after 10 years. When people demanded his potency test, he retracted his 1990 statement and said he had physical relations with wife only. He wanted to deviate the investigations by telling the court that he is impotent. Why nobody got his potency test done so far is another loophole.”

Moreover, he had demanded to allow Honeypreet to stay with him in jail, and it is suspected that it could be to satiate his physical needs. When he got restless during his jail stay, he had requested the jail authorities to allow him to stay with Honeypreet, his closest aide.

He had even reportedly, threatened the jail staff when Honeypreet was asked to leave the jail complex. Ram Rahim also told the jail authorities that Honeypreet was his physiotherapist and he regularly requires a massage from her.

It is also noted that he did not demand the presence of either a male attendant, his biological daughters, or even his wife. He only demanded for Honeypreet to be allowed to enter the jail as his attendant.

When all his attempts to meet Honeypreet failed in the jail, he even requested authorities to allow him to speak to her over phone, which too went in vain. However, his hopes were dashed when Honeypreet went underground when slapped with treason.