The much renowned cat and mouse chase between Congress and BJP takes new turns every day. The constant snapping between them, ranging from JD(U) and BJP collaboration to Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan, everything comes under the critic radar.

The latest victim to Congress scrutiny is PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat. Today Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s radio programme “Mann Ki Baat”, saying that it is not used as a platform to address important issues in the country but to make dialogues.

He opined that the radio programme is being used to make congratulatory messages and greetings on various occasions and festivals. He added, “His programme only has speeches, there is no thought behind them, no concern for any important issues.”

Furthermore, Dikshit said, “Why does he host the show? Is it only to make congratulatory greetings on different festivals? Why do you need to invest so much in a radio show just to wish and greet?”

He asked, noting Modi has not spoken on soldiers’ deaths, issues related to women safety, on plight of government hospitals after the Gorakhpur episode and on deaths in train accidents. “PM has never commented on the Chinese army attacking our soldiers.”
“He had said that we should respond to Pakistan in their way but the reality is something else. More number of Indian soldiers have died on the border in the past three years than those who died in the past 10-15 years,” he added.

He purported, “During Manmohan Singh’s rule and during governments before that, Pakistan didn’t have the gall to attack our army. PM acts as a soldiers’ leader but doesn’t seem to worry about their deaths.”

Condemning Modi he said, Modi added Mahatma Gandhi’s name in his Swachh Bharat but avoided applying his other principles.”

Elaborating on that, he further said, “He talks of Gandhi’s principles but is not familiar with them. He is rather afraid of ideologies of Gandhi who believed in creating a country which is peaceful and non-violent, and where all the communities are considered one. His party doesn’t want all that but confines Gandhi in a cleanliness campaign.”

Moreover, Dikshit said that in “Mann Ki Baat”, the Prime Minister spoke about the achievements of the NCC girls “as if he has had a contribution in it”.

“Three years ago, he had made promises on women safety during his campaigns but those haven’t been fulfilled yet. He doesn’t address the everyday incidents of rapes and insults of women.”

“He doesn’t talk about his own party’s leaders like Sakshi Maharaj making derogatory comments on women rights or his own party leader’s son being involved in a stalking case,” he added.

Dikshit also said that the Prime Minister dreams of bringing superfast trains in the country but has no concern about the existing railway infrastructure.

“Big unnecessary talks are taking away the attention from all the important issues. There have been three riots in Haryana under your party’s rule,” he said.

So many opinions and criticism for PM Modi’s projects. Using Mahatma Gandhi’s name but not his principles, not expressing concerns over existing infrastructure and women’s safety and development, etc, being some of the complaints that’s Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit expressed.


With 2019 polls just a year and a half away, what effect would such observations have on Modi’s fan following, if not fulfilled soon? Wonder what PM Modi has go to say on so many cited instances. Have they been fulfilled, or are these just hearsays or rubbing salt on the wounds?