Nagpur: Dozens of Congress and NCP workers protested against the play called ‘He Ram Nathuram’ on Sunday at Deshpande Hall in Nagpur. The drama ‘Hey Ram Nathuram’ written by Shiv Sena Sharad Ponkshe was already preparing protest. More than 100 protesters were arrested for disrupting the show and later released. The play is based on life of Nathuram Godse who had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

According to the sources, many leaders were against to the drama as it is an insult of Mahatma Gandhi. The opposition had already warned to protest if the staging of play done. The Shiv-Sena leader had asked police protection after which police were deployed.

hey ram nathu ram 1

Despite police bandobas, many protestors took the ticket to disrupt the show. At around 8.30 pm the protestors started protesting after which local police along with Riot Control Police (RCP) detained 100 of protestors of NCP, Congress and supporters of Sambhaji Brigade and were later released. While members of Shiv Sena, who were supporting the performance, remained inside the hall.

Many people who had come to watch play returned home seeing the protest. The show started after 45 minutes. Shiv Sena leader Sharad Ponkshe said, ‘we are not showing anything negative about Mahatma Gandhi but a positive side  who too had serve the nation. It is a politics stunt by the opposition to gain attention of the people.’