Coast Guards put their best foot forward in yet another incident. Previously, they helped rescue a foreign yacht in Lakshadweep. This time around, a two Coast Guard personnels saved a woman who fell into sea off Gate Way of India. Fortunately, she was saved by two alert Coast Guard Naviks.

On 8th August 17, at about 9 PM, during an evening stroll near Gateway Of India, young Coast Guard Naviks, Vinod and Rahul saw a crowd gathered near the shore in front of hotel Taj Palace calling for help to save a 35 years old woman drowning at sea.

While off duty, they rose to take the plunge amidst rough seas and dark hours and planned rescue effort meticulously.


In an attempt to save the woman, disregarding his personal safety, Vinod jumped into the sea. While Rahul held on to the rope with the help of a policeman on duty. Vinod valiantly braving high waves saved the woman in the dark waters and brought her to nearby ramp.

At the moment when she was brought to the dry land, she wasn’t breathing. Hence, the Naviks of

Indian Coast Guard using the survival methods embedded in them during their training, carried out the CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) on the woman. Resultantly, it helped in reviving the woman as she started breathing. Later she was shifted to St. George Hospital in Fort area.

Both the valiant Naviks accompanied the woman till hospital making sure she was attended to

Immediately and proper care. The heroic acts by the young Naviks of Coast Guard was well appreciated

by the local people including police present there as they without caring for their personal safety, went ahead and saved a drowning woman.

The brave Naviks reinstated Coast Guard’s image as saviours and their motto “Vayam Rakshamah”, which means “We Protect”. And, rightly so, they did prove it to its very essence.