Mumbai:  Body shapes of Womens are often categorised in the fashion industry into one of four elementary geometric shapes, though there are very wide ranges of actual sizes within each shape. But what is the perfect female figure? Well the answer is here, a physical education textbook for CBSE class 12 students says that ’36-24-36′ figure is the best body shape for females.

The book further states that this is the reason why such type of shape is taken into consideration in beauty peagents. The book added that the ‘V’ body shape is considered the best for males.

The discovery was made by a Twitter user named Arjun Khurana who posted a a snap of the textbook which also went on to say that the 36-24-26 shape is what’s preferred in Miss World and Miss Universe contests. The textbook did not stop there as it also reminded students that for men V-shape is “the best”.

The book is published by New Saraswati House and is taught to CBSE students of Class 12 though it hasn’t been brought out by the NCERT. Titled, the Health and Physical Education Textbook by Dr VK Sharma.
The contents of the book have created an uproar on social media and people are surely not happy with the unnatural beauty standards.

And, earlier this year, news emerged about a Class 4 textbook for environmental studies seemingly encouraging students to carry out an experiment that could lead to a kitten’s death