The Saturday episode of Big Boss 11 was a mega dose of entertainment as the host Salman Khan grilled all the contestants in the show. The ‘Sultan of B-town’ was already in a foul mood and then later lashed out at almost everyone who created problems in the first week in the house.

But the inmate who was the full dose of the receiving end was Zubair Khan. According to the latest source, it’s said that Zubair was unable to take Salman’s harsh words spoken of the national Television and as a result consumed some pills. As a result, he was rushed to a nearby hospital to the Big Boss house for his treatment.

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Currently, under supervision, the filmmaker, who claims to be the Don’s – Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parker’s son-in-law was grilled by Salman for using abusive language in the house. Salman asked him to stop faking his identity and called him names like ‘Nalla Don’.


Salman asked him to stop calling him ‘Bhai’. The actor was irritated as he found Zubair using derogatory words (like 2 Rs ki aurat) for a fellow contestant – Arshi Khan. Salman said Zubair that even though he had come on the show so that his children could see him every day, but he has ruined his reputation all over. He has brought shame to his mother and his locality where he stays.

The episode went on a roller-coaster ride as Salman took was in no mood to spare everyone and further went on to grill Hiten Tejwani and Hina Khan for not taking a stand. Although Hina clarified her stance to everyone in the house. Salman’s attention then went on to Hiten Tejwani and he told him that despite being the most sensible and responsible contestant, he didn’t do anything to help solve matters in the house neither did he speak up against Zubair, when he was really misbehaving with everyone in the house. He even bashed Akash for passing demeaning remarks against Vikas Gupta’s sexuality.