Mumbai:Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals Private Limited  (“BMCT”), a subsidiary of PSA International, received its first batch of three Super-Post Panamax Quay Cranes on 30th June 2017 in the lead-up to BMCT’s planned start of operations at the end of 2017.


BMCT’s first cranes are twin-lift capable with a capacity of 65 tonnes under the spreader and have an outreach of 63metres, making them capable of handling mega container vessels which are 22 containers wide. The cranes were manufactured by Doosan Heavy Industries in Vietnam. A second batch of three quay cranes will be delivered in September 2017, withsix more quay cranes being deliveredduring 2018 and 2019.


BMCT will also be receiving 18 rubber-tyred-gantry cranes (RTGs) during 2017 to provide efficient yard operations, whilst the four rail-mounted-gantrycranes (RMGs) arriving in September 2017 will be able to handle multiple 1.5km long double-stack Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) trains, a unique capability amongst container terminals in India.


BMCT’s CEO Mr Suresh Amirapu,said, “The arrival of our first batch of quay cranes,more than five months before BMCT’s planned commencement date, underscores our commitment to start operations on schedule. BMCT will be a gamechanger for India’s port and logistics market given its unprecedented size, scale and dedicated infrastructural links; and in particular its capabilities in handling trains from the Dedicated Freight Corridor.


“We are also progressing with our recruitment process.For the first 100 positions of trainee equipment operators and technicians, we have conducted an online test for 662 participants, all of whom wereJNPT Project Affected Persons (JNPT PAP) applicants . We are proceeding to the next stage of the selection process which will involve the checking of credentials of the JNPT PAPby concerned authorities,prior to final interviews. We are very pleased that our first batch of operational employees will come from the immediate port vicinity.  BMCT will continue to give priority to suitably qualified  JNPT PAP.