And finally we have the B-town lovers back in town. No points for guessing, we’re talking about Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra. Look how relieved they look after having spent a good week long holiday in Amsterdam. I mean, although initially the two were hell bent on keeping their vacay a secret affair for they didn’t even take off together at the airport last week but look at them now…making an adorable appearance like they don’t care a damn about the paparazzi anymore. Oh! How we have missed spotting Alia and Sidharth together.
The last we saw Alia and Sid together was probably months back, before rumours of them parting ways. Remember, how for the longest time there were reports that Alia and Sid have actually taken a break from their relationship and are almost on the verge of breaking up. However, like they say time heals everything,  guess Alia and Sid have resolved all their differences and are happily back together.

Reminds us of Alia’s statement about Sid always being an important part of her life as she had said, “When were we dating to have broken up? Sid is still a part of my life and I do talk to him. In fact, in another interview she had said “I have always taken the liberty to say that Sidharth will be an important part of my life because I am aware of that fact. Apart from that, I have never been secretive about my fondness for him.” Sid too has always maintained Alia is really dear to him as he had once said, “No one knows what can happen in the future. We want to make the most out of our time(in the industry) and during that process, you connect with people.

I have done two films with Alia so it’s only natural that we both have a lot of fondness for each other. There’s a great amount of comfort because we’ve worked together. It’s great if you get along with a colleague. Quiz him if she’s really just a colleague and he adds, “Yes, Alia is a very dear colleague.

While Alia is currently looking forward to Badrinath Ki Dulhania co-starring Varun Dhawan. Sid is already on a go to break the internet with the naughty promos of his upcoming Koffee With Karan 5 episode with Jacqueline Fernandez. Your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below and keep watching this space for more.