Mumbai: After the assault on doctors many many residential doctors  hold silent protest on Monday and demanded security while working at hospital.  Hovever emergency ambulance are not on strike. Now the reports has come that the employees of 108 ambulance also went on strike for getting salary on time.

On Monday evening, the 108 ambulance employees went on strike saying they are not paid salary on time. According to the sources, in 108 ambulance, Maharashtra government has provided 4500 doctors and 2300 drivers. The employees alleges that they are working for 12 hours and are not paid salary on time.

Doctors in Mumbai hold Silent protest after resident doctor assaulted at Sion Hospital

To run the ambulance, Maharashtra Government has given 108 ambulance to BVG India Company. Maharashtra goverment pays 2.5 lack every month to BVG India company as a maintanance. The resident doctors has also complaint about BVG India company of Ambulance maintanance. Doctor have also complaint that there is no proper eqiptments in the ambulance.

The Union member has assured the employees to take proper action against the BVG India company and will write letter to Maharashtra government to end the contract.