Mumbai: Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi gave controversial statement on Tuesday with his comments on the molestation of Women in Bengaluru which took place on the New year party on 31st December.

Abu Azmi blames Victims for her molestation as she was in shor dress. According to the reports Azmi said, this is modern era, if the woman is naked, she is considered more fashionable. The incident was bound to happen as the women today go for nightouts parties and return home late and do not follow the Indian Culture. Slowly the western cultureis adopted and is becoming trend.

If there is petrol somewhere, there is bound to be fire. If there is sugar, ants are bound to come.
I accept that attraction happens between men and women, but we need to take precautions regarding our women said, Abu Azmi.

Speaking to the media Azmi brazenly said, “If my sister or daughter goes out with another man to celebrate the New Year and her father or husband is not with them, do you think she will be safe? I don’t think so.” He went on to compare women with sugar and petrol and added that where there is sugar, there will be ants and that petrol will always attract fire.

Azmi went on to also blame westernisation and women short clothes for Bengaluru-like incidents. “In modern times, nudity is considered fashionable. It’s a huge blot on Indian culture,” he told ANI.

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