Mumbai: The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) has been keeping close watch on the passengers who smuggle the illegal valuable things from foreign countries. In the past two days AIU unit have registered two similar cases of smuggling foreign currencies and gold with overall amounting  Rs 79 lakh at Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The officials have seized all illegal valuables and have booked them under relevant section.

First Case: Foreign currency

According to the AIU officials, on February 1, a passengers holding an Indian Passport namely Mohammad Jalal Mullakoyathangal was intercepted by the officials who was to depart Sharjah by Air India flight. On checking the officials recovered 71 notes of Canadian Dollars of denomination 100 each and 88 notes of Pound denomination of 50 each from his bags amounting Rs 7,22,530.

Gold and foreign currency seized (5)


On February 2, similar incident happened when the officers intercepted another passenger namely Nitin Kothari holding Indian passport who was to depart to Bangkok by Jet Airways flight. During examination he was found carrying 13600 US Dollars equivalent to Rs 9,16,640.

After interrogation, the officials seized the foreign currencies and booked both for carrying currencies illegally.
Second Case: Gold Smuggling

In the case of Illegal gold smuggling, the officer on February 2, arrested two people including woman for carrying gold illegally at Shivaji International Airport. In the first case of gold smuggling, the officer intercepted passenger namely Thayyil Majeed holding Indian passport arrived from Dubai by Indigo flight and recovered gold in a ring shape weighing 1.235 kgs valued at Rs 32,77,591. When officers interrogated he said the gold does not belong to him but belongs to Mohammad Ali who lives in Mumbai. He was been paid Rs 15,000 to carry the gold to India.

Gold and foreign currency seized (2)

On the same day in the evening, one lady holding Indian Passport was intercepted namely Nayeem Banu and recovered 16 pieces of white gold strips and 12 washers of white gold collectively weighing 1 Kg valued at Rs 30,00,000. A case was booked and the lady passenger has been arrested.

Gold and foreign currency seized (1)


Similar incident has came to light where the officers of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) have arrested two Dubai- based passengers for smuggling the Saudi Riyal currency worth Rs 45.69 lakhs concealed inside banana and biscuits at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala.

Saudi Currency worth Rs 45.69 lakhs concealed inside banana seized, 2 held