As Abu Salem walks out of the special court set in Mumbai, being awarded life imprisonment sentence for his involvement in the1993 Serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai 1993, the spotlight again goes to Sanjay Dutt. 

1993 Blast:

In December 1992, right after the demolition of Babri Masjid communal riots had broken out in Mumbai and also in some other parts of India. Mumbai suffered at a very tragic end of the Hindu and Muslim riots thirsty for each other’s blood. These riots continued for about two months from December 1992 to January 1993. That is when the Dawood Ibrahim came in the picture, responsible for the serial Mumbai Bomb blasts in March 1993 killing people in the broad daylight in a series of 13 explosions.

Why the weapons: 

Dawood wanted to arm his Muslim brothers with rifles and grenades and thus the weapons were smuggled by his D-gang. Also, a certain part of the consignment was delivered at Sanjay Dutt’s residence by Dawood Ibrahim’s gang members to be kept safe there.

How Sanjay Dutt came in the picture: 

Sanjay Dutt said in his interview himself that, that he got those arms at the much instance of Anees, who is the younger brother of Dawood. The police are said to report that there are several phone records showing Mr. Dutt was in frequent touch with Anees at the expense of calling to Anees’s number at White House Dubai from his own home number.

What Weapons was Sanjay Dutt claimed to Possess?

3 AK-56 rifles, some 9 magazines, 450 cartridges, a 9mm pistol and more than 20 hand grenades.

Who bought the consignment to Sanjay Dutt?
Abu Salem, Baba Mussa Chauhan and Samir Hingora personally delivered the arms to Sanjay Dutt’s residence on 16th January 1993. In their testimony they gave in the court, they said that Sanjay Dutt was on a call with Anees when they arrived at his residence and was very eagerly awaiting their arrival.
What Happened After?

It’s said that Sanjay returned the entire ammunition and even got them destroyed completely  Yusuf Nullwala a D-gang member keeping one AK-56 and some ammunition in his house though.
How did the arrest happen?
During the Mumbai blast research, Mumbai police came to know about Sanjay Dutt’s acquittal of an AK-56s from Anees Ibrahim. Sanjay was in Mauritius then. On his return, his father Sunil Dutt called the police commissioner of Mumbai and informed about Sanjay’s arrival in Mumbai. The police then picked him up from the airport.

What Did Sanjay Dutt Say In Defence?
He explained the arms in the house saying, he had no knowledge of the bomb plot and he had requested for the guns as a defense to protect his family as he kept receiving death threats during sectarian riots in Mumbai.